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Working cooperatively will promote #DigitalEquity

During the 1930s, rural electrification was a major challenge in the United States. At the time, private electric utilities were hesitant to extend their services to rural areas because they were considered unprofitable. This meant that millions of Americans in rural areas were left without access to electricity. In response to this problem, the U.S. government established the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) in 1935. The REA provided loans to rural electric cooperatives, which were owned and operated by the farmers themselves. These cooperatives were able to use the loans to build power lines and other facilities to bring electricity to their communities.

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Rather than being a single cooperative, we are functioning as a Federation of emerging cooperatives. Our focus is being in the center of that Federation, and providing tools for horizontal communication and learning.

We’re closing the Digital Divide with a Platform Cooperative that trains people to build Community Owned Internet Networks. We use LearnDash, a Learning Management System, and the BuddyBoss Platform in WordPress for community engagement to connect Courses with Social Groups and discussion Forums, thus promoting “Social Learning.” Governance by teachers employs “consensus decision-making” with tools from Loomio. We use a grassroots legal and financial toolbox from Open Collective.

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